BLE Based Attendance Management System

Beacons are devices that broadcast signals at a certain interval. In other words, Beacons allow applications to understand their location on a hyper-local scale and sends signals to users based on their specific geographic location. It’s kind of like GPS for indoors that powers all kinds of possible uses. These uses of beacons in the real world are extremely diverse and endless. They essentially bridge the online and offline world while gathering invaluable data.

BLE Based Attendance Management system An attendance management system is developed such that the Users present in the premise can register their attendance by visiting the terminal premise with your own Android and IOS devices. This system solves the problem with the conventional system that it took a long time for all the users to scan their cards by a single terminal device. We employ a BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon device to transmit a magic number necessary for proper attendance . Proper marking of in-time and out time. With the number of devices present at present.

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