VHackTech 2.0

We are VDOIT Technologies, a leading IT company based in Gurgaon, specialising in web design, software development, and online brand building. As part of our commitment to fostering innovation and talent, we are organising a hackathon to gather the best minds within our company. This event aims to showcase logical thinking, design skills, and algorithmic prowess, identifying top talent to drive innovation in our organisation. Join us as we embark on a journey of creativity, collaboration, and technological advancement. Let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible and simplify the future of IT together.

But this is more than just a hackathon. This is your gateway to –

Ignite your Innovation

Explore the possibilities of hi-tech and demonstrate your skills.

Part of a Dynamic Community

Engage with peers, developers, startups, and industry frontrunners to cultivate fresh ideas and establish lasting relationships.

Seize Remarkable Opportunities

Compete for enticing prizes and acclaim to advance your career and propel your project to prominence.

Enhance your Expertise

Benefit from expert mentorship, immersive workshops, and the latest insights on technology.

Present your Vision

Top teams earn the chance to showcase their solutions at VDOIT, gaining exposure to a tech world.

Timeline & Structure

Round 1: Problem Statement Selection and Presentation Submission

Participants or teams select a problem statement from the provided sectors. They then outline their plan of action for solving the chosen problem statement in a presentation format. This round focuses on strategic planning and idea development.

Round 2: Video Walkthrough Submission

Teams submit a video walkthrough detailing their chosen idea and the implementation strategy they intend to follow. This round allows participants to provide a more in-depth explanation of their solution, showcasing its potential and feasibility.

Round 3: In-Office Problem Solving Challenge

Participants or teams gather in the office for a problem-solving challenge. A single problem statement is randomly drawn for each team, and they must devise a solution within a strict time limit of 4 hours. This round tests participants’ ability to think on their feet and execute solutions under pressure.

Round 4: Final Screening/ HR Round

In this stage, successful candidates from leading teams will undergo a comprehensive evaluation process. Their abilities, backgrounds, and compatibility with our culture will be assessed through interviews and evaluations. Our goal is to choose interns who not only demonstrate technical excellence but also resonate with our company values and exhibit potential for future advancement and leadership within our organization.

Round 1 : ProposeX: Problem Presentation Round / SlideSolve: Presentation Challenge

Problem Statements

Education Sector:

  • Developing personalised learning platforms using AI to cater to individual student needs and optimise learning outcomes.
  • Designing AI-powered tools to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in education for students with disabilities or special needs.

Healthcare Sector:

  • Creating AI-driven diagnostic tools to improve early detection and treatment of diseases, such as cancer or neurological disorders.
  • Building predictive models to optimise hospital resource allocation and improve patient care efficiency. 

Defence Sector:

  • Developing AI-based systems for predictive maintenance of military equipment to reduce downtime and enhance operational readiness.
  • Designing AI-powered decision support systems to assist military personnel in strategic planning and decision-making.

Innovation Sector:

  • Leveraging AI and blockchain technologies to streamline intellectual property management and protect innovators’ rights.
  • Creating AI-driven platforms for crowdsourcing and collaboration to accelerate innovation and problem-solving in diverse fields.

Space and Research Sector:

  • Using AI and machine learning algorithms to analyse large-scale astronomical data sets and discover new celestial objects or phenomena.
  • Developing autonomous space exploration systems equipped with AI for efficient data collection and analysis in remote environments.

Transportation Sector:

  • Implementing AI-powered traffic management systems to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion, and improve safety on roadways.
  • Designing predictive maintenance solutions for transportation infrastructure, such as bridges and railways, to prevent accidents and disruptions.

Innovation Sector:

  • Design and develop a Women safety app that automatically senses the danger to a mobile user and triggers an SOS alert with location details based on multimodal data from a mobile device such as audio, video, image, motion detection etc., given a situation that the user is not able to operate the mobile.

FinTech Sector:

  • AI-Driven Personalized Financial Advice: Many customers struggle to make informed financial decisions due to a lack of personalised advice. Create an AI-powered platform that analyses a customer’s financial history, spending habits, and goals to provide customised, actionable financial advice, helping individuals optimise their financial health.
  • Optimising Algorithmic Trading Using Machine Learning: In the fast-paced world of stock trading, company profit, loss, net worth details, making timely, data-driven decisions is crucial. Design a machine learning model that can analyse vast datasets of historical and real-time company data to identify trading opportunities, predict market trends, and automate trading strategies, enhancing profitability and risk management.

Eligibility Criteria: Creativity of idea

Requirement:  Pitch any idea related to given problem statements and sectors. Create a ppt  of given PPT Format.

Round 2- DemoDash: POC Showcase / ProofPlay: Solution Demo Round

Video Submission Guidelines:

  • Teams are required to submit solutions for their preferred problem statement submitted in round 1
  • Submissions are accepted until the deadline 13th June for this round 2 .
  • The expectation for this level is to submit either a demo of functional proof of concept and code submission(yet to be decided) or explanation of their idea and how they are planning to implement it.

Video Specifications:

  • Video size should be under 1GB. 
  • Videos must not exceed 5 minutes in duration.
  • Video should include 1 minute of introduction (Given by a single person about whole team) and 4 minutes of video walkthrough explaining their code,  approach and implementation.

Evaluation and Advancement:

  • Participating teams in this level will proceed to the next level based on their technical implementation.


  • Participants will be given an opportunity to choose from the problem statements (internal company projects proposed as problem statements to participants).
  • Tech stack will include technologies related to Frontend Development , Backend Development, Graphic Designers,SDE, Artificial Intelligence , Machine learning ,Blockchain etc.

(They need not to know that these are ongoing challenges and projects in the company)

Participants will be given 7 days to submit a video pitch explaining why their idea and approach is best .


A figma design along with Data Flow Diagram(DFD) showcasing the visual appearance , user experience along with  underlying technical architecture and data flow of their proposed idea.

Video Specifications:

  • Video size should be under 1GB. 
  • Videos must not exceed 4 minutes in duration.
  • The video should introduce the solution, outline the specific contributions of each team member, and convincingly demonstrate how their solution surpasses others in effectively tackling the identified problem.

Optional Submission

If teams want to submit and additional document(UI/UX Figma Design Or DFDs) supporting their idea it can be submitted directly through  the website as Image files(PNG, JPG, HEIC).

Evaluation Parameter

 Content-related Parameters:

  • Clarity
  • Relevance
  • Problem Understanding

Presentation-related Parameters:

  •  Visual Communication
  •  Engagement
  •  Team Collaboration

In this round winners from the top teams undergo a thorough screening process. Their skills, experiences, and cultural fit will be evaluated through interviews and assessments. 

Our aim is to select interns who not only excel technically but also align with our company values and show potential for future growth and leadership within our organization.

 Final Winning Criteria:

  • Relevance of Idea
  • Presentation skill
  • POC functioning
  • Design creativity
  • Research skills
  • Complexity and Implementation
  • Innovation

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At VDOIT, we prioritize learning, exploration, and upskilling within our dynamic company of technology innovators. Our team consists of consultants, working professionals, freelancers, and student innovators, all contributing to our growth and advancement in the tech industry.

Participating in the VHackTech hackathon was an exhilarating experience! The event provided a platform for innovation and collaboration, allowing me to connect with like-minded individuals and showcase my skills. The structured rounds challenged me to think creatively and strategically, ultimately leading to a rewarding outcome. Can’t wait for the next one!

– Udyan

VHackTech exceeded my expectations! As a first-time participant, I was impressed by the professionalism of the organizers and the quality of submissions from fellow competitors. The hackathon’s format encouraged iterative problem-solving, and the judges’ feedback was invaluable in refining our solution. Highly recommend this event to anyone looking to push their boundaries in the tech world.

– Arpita

I’ve been a part of several hackathons, but VHackTech stands out for its emphasis on both innovation and practicality. The diverse problem statements offered ample opportunities for exploration, and the supportive community fostered a spirit of collaboration. Our team’s success in reaching the final round boosted our confidence and opened doors to exciting opportunities. Thank you, VHackTech, for an unforgettable experience!

– Vishal

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