We have been running demos of Beta version of Enterprise restaurant solution – SpicyFi (www.spicyfi.com) where we claim to give end to end solution to our customers, i would like to share some of the experiences we got.

  • Right Users:- It’s important to identify right users of the product, so we got not just corporate representative but also the waiters, chefs, attendants, guests and outlet managers as our audiences Honest feedback from the right users is the real reward.
  • Simplification:- Any product should have features simple enough to understand that can create interest in audience to see what’s gonna be next. We should realize that not more than 20% of the features of all great products are used more than 80% of the time.
  • Pain Areas  -> New requirements:- We start with our understanding of pain areas of customer and encourage users to add if they have something else too. With right understanding from user experience and benefit  we add new user stories in Product Backlog.
  • Continuous Improvement:- We don’t claim to be the best product in market but claim to be best committed on the path of continuous improvement.