MongoDB is a document-oriented, non-relational database management system. A document-oriented data model and a non-structured query language are used. It is one of the most efficient NoSQL frameworks, with tremendous scalability and versatility.

Having NoSQL means that it does not use the method of storing data in the form of rows and columns; instead, it is an architecture based on compilation and documentation, and the data stored in it follows the key-value pair scheme.

It also enables the documents to work with a wide range of data types. This database employs a document storage format known as BSON, which is built on JSON’s binary format.

All the solutions in MongoDB support the use of a JavaScript client for querying, while RDMS does not. One of the most appealing characteristics is that it is unaffected by SQL injection. Users really like it because of its speed, which is much faster than other databases and gives you a lot of versatility when it comes to changing schemas.

Features of MongoDB:

  1. Replication functionality: It has a replication feature that allows one to use the master slave scheme to keep several copies of data, which is useful in the event of device vulnerabilities.
  2. It integrates MapReduce and several aggregation tools that are both versatile and capable of dealing with a wide range of problems.
  3. GridFS: It aids in the reduction of our stack’s complexity by allowing us to divide a file into small chunks and then store each one as a separate document.
  4. Multiple servers: MongoDB’s database is distributed through multiple servers, allowing data to be replicated and used as a backup in the event of a failure.

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